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Long Term Rentals TOP 25 for Greater Marbella

30th April 2023
Long Term Rentals TOP 25 for  Greater Marbella


Anyone involved in the Long Term rental market in Greater Marbella (agents, tenants, owners) is aware that we have played a prominent role in this market over the last few years, especially as a tenant´s agent, i.e. searching for the best properties for our tenant-clients. 

Although the current article is not an in-depth analysis of the rental market, it is fair to say that the last 3 years have not seen any cooling off of the rental market, despite all doom predictions relating to the Covid-crisis or Brexit going into full force which could have caused the collapse of the British market segment. Quite to the contrary in fact: rental and buying demand have been steady and prices have continued to edge up, even more since the influx of many Ukrainian citizens given the war. 

As a tenant´s agent with an abundance of search mandates we got to see and inspect a lot of properties in the area, which in itself gave us a ton of information and insiders insight about many residential complexes. This of course in turn enables us to be in a very good position to advise potential buyers and renters in these properties.

In this article, we want to share our findings with respect to the popularity of certain residential complexes in the rental market. This popularity list will certainly help you make informed decisions in your property buying endeavors.

Please note, wherever possible, we have included a dedicated website links and / or Facebook links where you can follow properties currently for sale.

  1. Atalaya Hills (Apartments, contemporary), Benahavis.      Facebook link: Atalaya Hills
  2. Azahar de Marbella  (Apartments, contemporary), Nueva Andalucia. Facebook link: Azahar de Marbella
  3. Cataleya (Apartments, contemporary), Estepona New Golden Mile. Facebook link: Cataleya
  4. Botanic (Apartments, contemporary), Benahavis  Facebook link: Botanic
  5. Oasis 325 (Apartments, contemporary), Estepona Bew Golden Mile
  6. Mirador de Estepona Hills (Apartments, contemporary), Estepona
  7. Avalon (Apartments, contemporary) -  Benahavis
  8. Alminar de Marbella (Apartments, modern-Mediterranean) Facebook page: Alminar de Marbella
  9. Nazules (Apartments, contemporary) - Marbella Golden Mile 
  10. Jade Beach (Apartments, contemporary), San Pedro de Alcantara
  11. Los Arqueros Beach, San Pedro de Alcantara
  12. Marbella Senses (Townhouses, contemporary), Marbella Golden Mile
  13. The Island  (Townhouses, contemporary), Estepona West
  14. Los Arrayanes Golf (Apartments, contemporary), Benahavis
  15. Terrazas de Atalaya (Apartments, contemporary), Estepona
  16. Acqua (Apartments, contemporary) San Pedro de Alcantara
  17. Jardines de Guadaiza (Apartments, contemporary), Nueva Andalucia, Marbella
  18. La Azalia (Apartments), Benahavis
  19. Mirador del Sol (Apartments, contemporary), Estepona New Golden Mile
  20. Benatalaya (Apartments, modern-Andalucian, Benahavis
  21. Lomas de Sierra Blanca (Apartments, Andalucian), Marbella Golden Mile, Sierra Blanca
  22. La Hacienda del Señorio de Cifuentes (Apartments, Andalucian) - Benahavis
  23. Marques de Guadalmina (Apartments, modern), Estepona, New Golden Mile
  24. Mansion Club (Apartments, Andalusian) Sierra Blanca, Marbella Golden Mile 
  25. Le Mirage (Apartments, contemporary), Cancelada, Estepona

Benahavis, April 2023

Long Term Rentals TOP 25 for  Greater Marbella

Frank PJ Nagels


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