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In accordance with Regulation 2016/679 issued by the European Parliament and the Council 2016/679, BANUSIMMO S.L. hereby informs you that the website www.banusimmo.com is the sole property of BANUSIMMO S.L. with Registration Nº B67723494. The company’s contact email address is: info@banusimmo.com

BanusImmo® is a registered trademark (M4066106) of BanusImmo S.L..

User and liabilities

Your navigation, access and use of the websites property of BanusImmo SL constitutes your acceptance of all terms and conditions contained herein, notwithstanding legal compliance with other relevant mandatory rules according to each case.

The website pages property of BANUSIMMO SL provide a wide variety of information, services and data. The user hereby accepts his liability for the correct use of these websites. This liability shall be made extensive to:

- The accuracy and lawfulness of the details supplied by the user in the contact forms provided by BANUSIMMO SL in order to access certain contents or services offered by the websites. The user will also be liable for the use of access codes he may obtain by means of filling in the aforementioned forms.

- The use of the information, services and data offered by BANUSIMMO SL contrary to the terms and conditions herein, the Law, morality, good practices or public order, or that may in any other way may result in damages to the rights of third parties or to the correct functioning of the websites.

Links to other websites and liability disclaimers

BANUSIMMO SL is not responsible for the content of third-party websites that the user may access through the links contained in its websites and hereby states that under no circumstances shall BANUSIMMO SL examine or exercise any type of control on the content of other pages on the internet.

Likewise, BANUSIMMO SL will not guarantee technical availability, accuracy, validity or lawfulness of pages not owned by the company that may be accessed through the links

BANUSIMMO SL states that all necessary measures have been taken to avoid any damages to users of its websites that may be derived from navigation in the web pages owned by the company. Therefore, under no circumstances shall BANUSIMMO SL be liable to any user for damages resulting from his navigation through the internet.


BANUSIMMO SL reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the contents of its websites, terms and conditions of use, or general agreement terms. These changes may be implemented, through its websites, in any manner or form accepted by law and will be mandatory for as long as they are published in the website and until they are not substituted by any others.

Cookies Disclaimer

BANUSIMMO SL reserves the right to place cookies whilst the user navigates the company’s websites to enhance personalization and assist in site navigation.

In agreement with the company’s data protection policy, BANUSIMMO SL states that cookies are associated with the anonymous user and his device, and do not provide access on their own to the user’s name and surname.

The user has the possibility of setting his internet browser to report the use of cookies and is therefore able to block access to his hard drive. However, use of cookies is not required to access BANUSIMMO SL ´s websites.

Data Protection

In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection, BAMUSIMMO SL informs the user of its websites that the personal data obtained by the company by means of the forms contained in said websites, will be included in a file, which BANUSIMMO SL is responsible for, with the purpose of accomplishing, expediting and fulfilling the agreements set between the parties.

BANUSIMMO SL informs you of your right to access, amend or oppose by sending a written request to info@banusimmo.com .

As long as we are otherwise instructed, we will understand that your details remain unchanged, that you undertake to inform us of any changes and that we have your consent to use them for the purpose of building the business relationship between the parties.

Intelectual property

The intellectual and industrial property rights on the entire contents, text and images, as well as of the sources, means, design and layout of its pages are the sole property of BANUSIMMO SL  – as proprietor or as specifically authorized user. Therefore, they are protected as intellectual property under Spanish Law and are subject to Spanish and European Community laws and regulations in this field, as well as relevant international treaties which Spain may be adhered to. All rights reserved. In compliance with the Intellectual Property Law, any reproduction, distribution, public communication and use of the whole or part of the contents of the websites property of BANUSIMMO SL is strictly prohibited unless specifically authorized by BANUSIMMO SL.

Legal action, law and jurisdiction

BANUSIMMO SL also reserves the right to take any legal action, by means of a civil or criminal lawsuit, suitable against the incorrect and unauthorized use of its web pages and contents or the violation of the these terms of use.

The relationship between the user and BANUSIMMO SL will be governed by Spanish Law, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions than may arise between the user and BANUSIMMO SL will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Malaga.


Legal Notice

In accordance with the provisions stipulated in Law 34/2002 of July 11 regarding the Society Information Services and Electronic Commerce and other legal provisions that may apply, the present document governs the services offered on this website.

We inform you that BanusImmo S.L. with Spanish registration number B-67723494 is the owner of the domain, website and content on banusimmo.com. The company´s contact email address is info@banusimmo.com . The company´s mail address is Reserva del Alcuzcuz, La Azalia 1 - 1B, 29678 Benahavís.

The abovementioned limited company offers real estate services such as the administration, management, exploitation and commercialization – through both sales and rentals but with the exception of leasing – of all types of real estate property, owned by it or by others, in the broadest sense and through any means – including the Internet via the upkeep of webpages. The limited company is also engaged in the acquisition, holding and transfer of all types of real estate property.

BanusImmo S.L. does not own any of the properties it offers for sale on this website. The sale and rental of these properties is entrusted to the company by their owners and other agents.

Access to this website and to information contained therein regarding any product or service, implies acceptance of the conditions outlined in this legal notice. It is therefore recommended that you read the contents of the notice carefully before accessing and using the information and the services provided on this website.

The Validity of the Information


The conditions that are outlined here are valid from the date of the last website update. BanusImmo S.L. reserves the right to change these conditions at any time of its choosing in which case the modified conditions are valid from the moment of their publication and will apply to all those who use the present website.

The contents of the present website, especially these referring to information and publicity, are merely of an informative character and may not be used for any online or offline transaction – not even for the reservation of a future transaction. BanusImmo S.L. reserves the right to modify or omit any or all of the present contents of the portal and to limit or impede access to the portal temporarily or permanently.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection


BanusImmo S.L. complies fully with current legislation regarding private data protection and confidentiality in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 and has put in place the technical means required to maintain the desired safety level as it pertains to the nature of the personal data provided and to the circumstances under which this data was provided in order to avoid – as far as possible and allowing for the current state of technical knowledge – its alteration, loss or unauthorized access.

On the web forms that collect private data, users or clients will be made aware of the destination and use of the information provided; of the reason for collecting such information; of the person, and his/her address, responsible for maintaining the database; and, of the right of the user to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the keeping of records. All personal data provided will only be used and/or ceded to third parties with the express authorization from the user or client.

In order to ensure that the data contained in our records is correct and up to date, and free of errors, we kindly ask our clients to contact us at the earliest opportunity in case your personal details need modifying or rectifying.

Intellectual & Industrial Property


BanusImmo® is a registered trademark (M4066106) of BanusImmo S.L..


BanusImmo S.L. is the legal owner and rights holder of this website including artwork or other graphics as well as logotypes, trademarks, brand names and any other recognizable sign that has its rights protected as intellectual or industrial property.

BanusImmo S.L. does not offer or give any warranty or assurance regarding the correctness or legality of any information or other content featured on our web pages where its origin or ownership are held by a third party.

Prohibitions and permits for use


Without the express written permission of its legal owners, no part of the website may be used or exploited including reproduction by any kind of means, distribution, use by third parties, public diffusion or modification by any means or data carrier. The infringement of this clause may constitute unlawful behaviour that may be sanctioned under current law.

The user may, for his / her personal use and under his / her own personal responsibility and liability, download and copy any content of this website without infringing copyright laws or the intellectual and industrial rights of BanusImmo S.L.. However, this user is not allowed to alter, modify or delete any or all the website’s content. This clause does not transfer any of the copyright or intellectual or industrial rights to the user.

Except when expressly authorized by written consent, it is forbidden to hotlink to this website, or place this website – or any part thereof – in frames or Windows of any kind, form or technology that would have a visitor believe that a third party (person, business or organization) own any or all of the content of this website.



BanusImmo S.L. does not guarantee permanent and continuous access to this website, nor does it guarantee that the website may be perfectly viewed under any and all circumstances, or that all elements on its pages will be available for downloading. Any or all of these elements may be unavailable or display incorrectly or be interrupted due to circumstances over which the company has no control.

Likewise, BanusImmo S.L. cannot be held responsible for information and/or content offered on webpages of third parties that may be accessed through links.

BanusImmo S.L. cannot be held responsible or liable for damages, losses, or claims for expenses incurred by any interference, interruption, fault, omission, delay, blockage or disconnection of the electronic system caused by deficiencies, overloading, or errors in the lines and telecommunication networks such as viruses or anything else by any means of communication such as the misuse of its website, security breaches, or navigation errors caused by browser malfunctions or by the use of outdated browsers.

Prices and Taxes Published on this Website


Prices quoted are those asked for by the owner/seller. In the case of promotional property, estates or a collection of properties, the price quoted is the lowest one. The description of such property will contain – for informational purposes only – both the highest and lowest price corresponding to the most expensive and least expensive property available.

BanusImmo S.L. does not accept any responsibility since all information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and may be subject to errors, omissions, changes in price or withdrawal without prior notice.

We strive to publish the correct information on each and every property but advise our clients to obtain the legal assistance of a lawyer who can and will provide a full due diligence report before any real estate deal is closed.

Taxes on the agreed upon transaction price are not included in the price.

Public notary and registration fees are to be paid by the buyer. The sales commissions due to BanusImmo S.L. are to be paid by the seller in accordance with Spanish legal rules. For rental commissions: in case BanusImmo S.L. is not the official lister of the rental property, the rental commission is to be paid tenant. The rental commission is usually equal to 1 month rent + VAT, but can vary depending on the complexity of the negotiations with owners and their representatives, contract duration, repeat business, etc. In some situations we charge a flat fee of 990 EUR including VAT.

The consumer has the right to solicit an information sheet and other documentation in accordance with Decree 218/2005 of October 11, Andalucía.


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