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Video 360º: New Golden Mile Beachfront Property Walk - Part 1: From Menara Beach to Dominion Beach

2nd June 2020

New Golden Mile Beachfront Property Walk - Part 1

In the above video, you can discover all iconic beachfront properties on the New Golden Mile, East of Estepona.

Part 1: properties from Menara Beach to Dominion Beach

The New Golden Mile is a very sought after coastal strip of land between Puerto Banus and Estepona, with some really fine residential developments. These properties are always in high demand (rentals and sales) given their excellent location (beachfront, extremely pleasant promenade, low building density).

Look around, left and right, up and down and experience what it feels like to walk on the senda litoral, the coastal path between Puerto Banus and Estepona. We identify every building and complex in the list below.

Explore the surroundings and beaches near every complex. Simply use the navigation wheel in the top left corner of your screen to change viewing direction to your liking at any time. If you view the video on a smartphone you can just move the phone into the direction you would like to view. Also make sure you select the highest screen resolution by clicking on the settings cogwheel on the bottom right of your screen.

Urbanisations and complexes seen:

  1. Menara Beach 0:01
  2. Torre Bermeja 2:02 (in the distance)
  3. Tikitano Restaurant 2:26 
  4. Cabo Bermejo 3:00 
  5. Las Dunas Health House & Las Dunas Restaurant Felix 5:06 
  6. Las Dunas Park 6:30 
  7. Urbanización El Pirata 8:22
  8. Los Granados Playa 8:35
  9. Hacienda Beach 11:41 
  10. Andalucia Beach 12:20
  11. Emare 14:35
  12. Bahia del Velerin 17:34
  13. El Velerin 19:15 (behind the wall, not very visible)
  14. Dominion Beach 20:32

We do have some apartments available to buy or to rent long term in all these residences, so mail or call us if you are interested.

If you would like to see the full version of this video and make just an uninterrupted virtual walk on this gorgeous stretch of the coastal path, without music and just pure sea sounds, then watch this amazing 43 minute video on our sister channel, we can warmly recommend it: https://youtu.be/iiUFHFa6cCI

Please note, all footage and music is copyrighted. Footage © Banus Immo Marbella  ® Music Tracks © Storyblocks

Video 360º: New Golden Mile Beachfront Property Walk - Part 1: From Menara Beach to Dominion Beach

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