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When you as a property owner instruct us to find a suitable tenant, we act as your rentals agent and we look after your interests. This means we manage the entire rental process for you.

Not only are we a member of the database of all professional estate agents where we advertise our listings, we also are a member of a wide variety of social media boards where we advertise your property to many other gents so as to generate the widest market exposure. Last but not least, we are also advertising your property on several national and international portals.

To be more specific: depending on the agreement, we perform all or some of the following tasks for owners:

  • Lettings advice
  • Qualifying the tenant, i.e. perform due diligence research on the tenant
  • Photographing, advertising and promoting your property
  • Arrange and attend viewings with candidate tenants
  • Keyholding
  • Inventory management
  • Negotiating contracts

For the management of the rental process as mentioned above, we charge a commission equal to 1 month´s rent + VAT. Often, we do have to share this with introducing agents who bring us their clients.

For an additional fee, we can also manage your entire property, which includes all the above + we organise and oversee repairs, maintenance, cleaning, inspect your property at regular intervals etc.



When you are looking to rent a property in Marbella and not keen on doing all the work yourself, you can instruct us to find a rental property that answers to all your requirements.

Via all available B2B networks, we are connected with all agents in the region, big or small, including those that do not have the resources to advertise. Which means, we can find properties for rent which you may not find on the usual portals.   

In other words, when you instruct us to find a rental property, we look after your interests as a tenant. We select the properties that you like, whoever lists them, based on your  criteria. We understand and guide you through the rental process, check the contracts and verify other nasty pitfalls that you would not even know exist.

Bearing in mind that most rental conditions comprise 6 months to 1 year upfront payment of rent, the sums of money involved are substantial which warrants an expert by your side who represents you.

And because we physically visit many rental properties every single month, we really know most properties in the Greater Marbella Area and can give you truly targeted suggestions.


Using a tenant’s agent has the following benefits for YOU:

  • You save a lot of time
  • The search for a home becomes much more efficient
  • You will avoid a lot of hassle and pitfalls
  • Helps you make well-informed decisions
  • We also perform due diligence on landlords
  • We organise and schedule viewings which avoids you having to deal with tens of different listing agents
  • We conduct research on listings and we make enquiries
  • We help you reduce risks of things going wrong


When we specifically perform the role of a tenancy agent as per above, we charge a agency fee or finder´s fee payable by the tenant, only when our search results in a rent for you.

  • For long term rents (1 year or more), the commission is 1 month rent + 21% IVA, paid on the day of signing the contract
  • For 3 months up to 9 months rent: 10% of the total rent +21 % IVA.
  • In certain situations we charge a flat fee of 990 EUR incl. VAT (IVA)
  • Please note that repeat clients get decent reductions. We always inform you beforehand in that regard.
  • Obviously, no deal means no fees due

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